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I am a natural born empath with the clarity of Archangel Raziel..I will touch your soul and bring peace to your heart.. I can help you find the light in the confusion of your most treasured relationships..let Love light your way..

Call violet today! She will give you the answers and clarity you seek on relationships, love, career and more!

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Layla Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller

Layla Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller: her accuracy will simply amaze you! The Layla has the special gift of second sight and she has spent her whole life doing simply amazingly accurate predictions and magical tarot card readings. As a professional Seer, magical tarot reader and fortune-teller, she is able to answer any and all of your burning questions or flaming wishes from your love life and romance to your wealth and health. She talks to the animals and your passed over loved ones. She is able to rid you of spooky ghosts and help you find your lost objects. She keeps your vehicle running great from oil changes to bad fuel and flats — she can even tell you when your car needs a bath. Find out what your better half is really thinking and feeling about ya’ and when to get ready for that really hot date. Love Peace and Happiness can all be yours. Let The Layla entertain you, enlighten you and guide you through all of life’s tough situations and decisions. Know today what tomorrow holds with daily readings. Believe in the magic. The Layla can make all your dreams come true. Get ready to be simply amazed. Sit back and relax and enjoy the magic and see what the magical tarot holds just for you and don’t forget to make your wish.

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Jess The Karma Goddess

Let The Karma Goddess get you wisdom from the hidden realms and answer all your questions about your love life, romance, babies, family, and more. The Karma Goddess is a very accurate tarot reader, kind, witty and fun too! She specializes in love and relationships. She does fairy readings, short mini readings, answers specific questions, your-year-ahead readings, horoscope readings, and an extensive 21-card reading. Got questions on love, Career, Money, Family, Friends, Relationships? She can answer it all! Call The Karma Goddess today!

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Lady Moon

Lady Moon is an initiated Gypsy, also an ordained minister with Alliance of Divine Love for 20 years. She is a healer and has been reading for 30 years with the Witches Tarot deck. She has exclusive knowledge of herbs and crystals. She is a High Priestess and founder of Circle of Artisans.

In her readings, Lady Moon channels Goddess to give you what spirit needs you to know. She does not tell you what you want, she tells you what spirit says to her. She does tarot readings along with a pendulum for yes and no answers. With her gifts and psychic abilities, Lady Moon will help guide you through life’s situations and accurately answer any questions you may have. As a talented High Priestess, she can also provide you with the insight and herbal advise for magic and spell work.


Psychic Niki

Niki is a talented and accurate card reader. A natural intuitive, Niki has been reading cards and doing accurate spiritual readings for many years. Call Niki today and she will answer all your questions about the future, present, and past!

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Psychic Hayley Rose

Psychic Hayley Rose is a skilled clairvoyant and tarot reader. She gets to the heart of what you want to know to get you the answers you are seeking. She will provide accurate time frames, a person or love interest’s thoughts and feelings, and tell you a person’s true intentions and motivations. She specializes in love and relationship readings.

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Shannon Lea is a third-generation

Shannon Lea is a third-generation intuitive clairvoyant. At a young age, Shannon’s grandmother taught her to read tea leaves and tarot cards. Years of tarot study and a high level of accuracy made Shannon a sought after tarot reader. Her detailed readings cover all topics including love, relationships, career, accurate time frame revelations and more. Shannon can help you with manifestation and is a master-manifester. She has built her intuition and grown her connection to the spiritual world since she was a child and has successfully manifested objects, money, and love. Call Shannon today and she can help you manifest all you desire and answer all of your questions about the past, present and future!

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Nicole: Angel Communicator

Nicole is a gifted psychic who works with your angels and hers to bring you divine answers and guidance.As a Certified Angel Card READER, Certified Fairyologist and Certified Angel Intuitive, Nicole connects with both angels and fairies to bring you very personal and insightful messages. Her spiritual journey started with her Christian upbringing, and continued to grow and blossom into the beautiful gift she shares with the world today!

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Mindsoother Krystal

Hello! I am Mindsoother Krystal! Please relax and know that you are in good hands. I am here to calm you and put you at ease about your burning desires and questions that have gone unanswered. I will be open and honest with you and I only work for the greater good! I only want what is best for my clients. That is what I will strive for!

I offer Love & Relationship readings, Intuitive readings, Angel readings, Spirit guide readings, Angel channeling and pendulum readings. I am an experienced Intuitive reader with over 7 years of experience! I specialize in channeling messages from angels, higher consciousnesses and spirit guides. When I am doing my readings I am honest, loving, caring and detailed. I am also very straightforward and to the point. I will only tell you the truth. I believe in the most high and that everything happens for a reason! I am here to help you find the answer you have been searching for. Thank-you and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Mela Love

Mela Love is a popular clairvoyant, psychic/medium, and shamanic-intuitive spiritual healer. She is Cherokee by ancestry, walking a path of native wisdom, understanding, and prayer. Since the age of three, Mela has been communicating with the nonphysical with astonishing accuracy and results. She was raised in a spiritual tradition & community where her gifts were valued and highly appreciated. At age nine, Mela had a near death experience in which she was utterly awed to see and connect with Great Spirit. With this wisdom, she was then sent back to complete her Earthwalk & to help inspire others. This inner knowing and relationship with Source became the foundation for her high path as an empathic medium and clairvoyant. Call Mela today for insight to all of your most important questions and situations!

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Penny Oracle

Penny Oracle is an intuitive reader who uses a variety of methods and tools to accurately answer all your questions. Penny uses tarot and oracle cards, channeled messages, pendulums and automatic writing to bring you the clearest guidance and specific messages she receives for you from spirit. She is extremely accurate and her messages from spirit will uplift and help guide you in the right direction. Call Penny Today!

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Stella Redfox

Stella Redfox can answer any and all of your questions with accurate detail. Stella is well-versed in tarot, oracle cards, Lenormand cards and uses her extensive astrological knowledge to explain how astrological transits and events are impacting your situation. She specializes in relationship readings and the Twin Flame Relationship Journey. During a reading she typically uses cards while reading your energy and channeling specific and unique guidance from both your guides and hers. Call Stella today!

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Tawanna Tianna

Tawanna Tianna is a naturally gifted reader and empath. She uses a variety of tarot, oracle and angels cards to give you direct guidance from God and the Angels. During a reading, she works directly with and calls upon your angels and spirit guides. Tawanna receives direct messages from your angels and spirit guides and is able to answer any of your questions, provide guidance, and healing. Tawanna relays these angelic messages that you need to hear with love and compassion.

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Psychic Ashley

Psychic Ashley communicates with the spirits using her pendulum and tarot cards. She is able to answer all your questions with precise accuracy. Since the pendulum is mainly used to answer “yes” or “no” questions, Ashley typically uses cards, her pendulum, and divine channeling to get you the answers you desire.

Ashley is a natural witch and has been spiritual since a young age. She’s always known there’s something more than meets the eye when it comes to our universe. Some of her earliest memories are of her seeing spirits at home and and being visited by spirits in her dream. It wasn’t until her father died when she was 18 that she really started to master her abilities.

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