Feedback: The Layla

Feedback: The Layla

Feedback and Reviews: Layla Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller




Layla predicted an car accident around my fiance. My fiance is a really good driver so I was a little resistant to this prediction.   Not a week later he was side swiped by a tractor trailer and his car got flipped! He survived with some injuries, but wow call Layla! She will tell you things you would never see coming on your own!



Layla told me that my boyfriend would surprise me and take me out to dinner on Saturday, but my boyfriend works weekends. I thought Layla was wrong, but it turns out Layla was right again! He took the day off without telling me and took me out to dinner! Pretty shocking prediction!



Layla will read for me and the guy I am seeing. She will WORD FOR WORD  repeat things to me that he said and parts of my conversation with my guy (without me even telling her about it!!). Call Layla she is your secret fly on the wall in the form of a magical fortune teller!



I didn’t hear from my husband like usual after work. I was pretty upset and having trouble getting a hold of him, so I called Layla to see what was going on. She told me he was going to the store and washing his car. I thought that was kind of a random prediction! But just as she was saying that he called me on the other line. I clicked over and sure enough he was at the car wash and I could hear the water in the background!



Layla said my ex would contact me again and want to get back together. We have had disagreements in the past, but never ended things. This time he ended things with me and told me he didn’t want to have a relationship with me anymore. I was so heartbroken and could not eat for days. I thought he was gone for sure. But guess what? He came back just like Layla said!



Layla predicted that the guy I was dating would have a melt down and contact me tons of times through text and phone calls. The thing is, when she told me this, he was barely talking to me at all at the time. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, not a day later did he have a melt down calling and texting me until 5 AM in the morning! Layla was beyond accurate in predicting this uncanny prediction. I never would’ve expected him to do that, but Layla said he would and he did!



I have called Layla everyday for a week. She has been so consistently right that it’s crazy. Everything she said has come true down to the small details. It is unbelievable how accurate Layla is. Call Layla today!



Layla predicted that the guy I’m seeing would ask me and and take me on a date. He has been very busy so I didn’t think it would happen, but everything happened exactly like she said it would!



Layla told me my ex was going to get a job and I laughed (he hasn’t ever had a job). Guess what! Layla was right! He did get a job and I’m super SHOCKED! It’s crazy!



Layla was right about my boyfriend lying to me and hiding things from me. I can’t believe the detail she goes into. She even picked up exact conversations and things that were being said by him! Thank-you Layla!



Layla sees everything! She even knew about the car trouble he had been having and my own car trouble. She knew about his toothache and surgery before he even told me about it!



Sometimes I get frustrated with Layla and then what she says happens I get so excited I have to call her just to tell her she was right



Layla was right about my cheating boyfriend. She told me when he would have a girl at his house and I went to his house at the time Layla said the girl would be there and BOOM guess what? I saw them together. Layla has been very helpful and supportive too! She is now my good friend and I call her EVERY DAY! She has helped me break away from my cheating, lying and stealing ex and she will help you too if you need it! Even if I only talk to her for ten minutes a day, she ALWAYS sends me LOTS of free minutes and gives me that extra support because I need it during this hard time! She is a truly amazing psychic and an amazing person and friend! Call Layla!



Layla is always spot on shes also verry funny!



Layla sees it Layla says it, it happens!!! She’s amazing!





love calling her for quick questions she is fast and always is helpful.



I had the chance to get a reading by Layla and I was a little peeved at first cause everything she was saying wasn’t making sense. Well… a lot has come into focus and it’s crazy. I’m hoping to get another reading from her. She’s changed my mind a lot!



I had a great reading from Layla, I enjoyed talking with her and she help me with clarifying questions that I had. Thank you



I had an AMAZING reading with The Layla. She was precise and made me comfortable speaking with her. It was like talking to your favorite Aunt. ?


It is amazing that Layla knew about my terrible mattress! That is the next big $ item I am saving up for – thank you so much! I do have alot of pain in my back!! I will start walking again and definitely get a massage!


This is an amazing thing and helps me so much …she was so on point and helped me with my life …and stress…Omg im soo amazed !! Thank u soo much


Wow she is on point !! With that Shes right on


Ok thank you sweetie Layla ❤❤


omg thanks so much



Layla is extremely accurate. She can tell you how many days and exact predictions on when “he” or “she” will call you back or contact you. Sh said my ex (who is ignoring me) would contact me within a day. Sure enough, I woke up with a text from him on my phone! Thanks Layla! I have had several readings with Layla and I will be calling back soon!



Had a reading with Layla last week. She was amazing!



Layla is great. She confirmed everything that I was wondering. Definitely recommend everyone talks to her.



I called Layla today after a disagreement with my boyfriend. He blew me off for dinner. I was hungry, but Layla told me he prob will not end up doing dinner with me tonight and I better get my own food. She was right! Good thing I listened otherwise I would’ve starved. I did get to see him though! All ended up being good! Layla’s accuracy is uncanny!



Wow, just wow. Her accuracy is always on point. I have gotten readings with Layla dozens of times. She is reliable, consistent and accurate.

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