Feedback: Nicole Angel Communicator

Feedback: Nicole Angel Communicator


Feedback and Reviews: Nicole Angel Communicator



I got a reading with Nicole. She said my ex and I would talk again and possibly reunite, but right now things were kind of quiet and slow. She was absolutely correct about what she said about him being a narcissist and the dynamics of the relationship. I have talked to Nicole before and she was spot on with her predictions.


I got a reading from Nicole about a recent break-up. My ex was acting shady with a female friend. Nicole told me the truth and that he was romantically involved with the female too! I come to find out a few weeks later that they were in a relationship on facebook. Thank-you Nicole- I am so glad I got rid of him! Your insight helped me make my decision


Nicole is phenomenal. She accurately and soundly predicted I would talk to and return to see my ex after we hadn’t spoken in over 4 months. She named the season and described what would happen. Besides being accurate Nicole is sweet, sensitive and she will directly communicate negative news in a very kind and non upsetting manner. Thank you Nicole!



Nicole was right. Months ago she predicted my ex would try to be with me again come May. At the time of the prediction, my ex and I hadn’t talked in months. I was skeptical about this prediction to be honest, but Nicole was 100% right! And she predicted the exact month!!! Thanks Nicole! I have called and will call you again!



Thank you Nicole, you were spot on with my energy and the reading for my dad. Thank you xx


Thank you so much for your beautiful reading. You were right on and I am so happy to follow your advice and get into a group. Being able to hear from my husband has me in a new place and I will learn to contact Archangel Raphael. I have so much peace now. Bless you.


Had a reading from Nicole tonight and it was great thank you



Nicole is such a sweetheart. Felt the love and embrace through her live reading. I’m looking forward to see in 3 months this awakening I will encounter. Will keep you posted. She also was very accurate with all her other readings. Thank you Nicole ❤. Peace and blessings ✨✨



Thank you for the reading! You are awesome!!



You have helped me so much.


Your totally spot on Nicole.



Wow very powerful description.



Wow Nicole. Oh my gosh thank you so so much!!!



She was great!


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